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Season 1
Season 2 of Amiga Circle is available now, click here to listen.

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Shadrina Booker - Season 1 Episode 10

Shadrina Booker is a proud Afro-Latina that strives to break down the stereotypes of what a ‘Latina’ traditionally looks like. As a Dominican-American raised in Miami, FL, the change of moving and adapting to a less diverse city like Chattanooga has brought all sorts of unchartered assumptions and questions.

Her work in education and non-profits allows her to align her professional and personal passion of being a part of increasing competency as it relates to culture, ethnicity, and race.

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Wendy Amara - Episode 9

Wendy Amara - Season 1 Episode 9

Wendy Amara started her career in the non-profit industry. She thought that this career path would make her happy but it made her realize that this isn't her type of happiness. Life changed for her when she attended a life coaching seminar. She learned that she can take control of her life, her decisions, and her future.

Today, Wendy is a Strategic Life and Business coach, speaker, and trainer. She has coached thousands of individuals over the past 15 years into achieving their life goals. Learn how to take your career to the next level and how to speak to your future self.

Wendy Amara website



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Arielle Garcia Hayes - Season 1 Episode 8

Arielle Garcia Hayes started as an inner-city schoolteacher and today leads one of the best turnaround schools in the Chattanooga area. Arielle opens up about her path to being a principal and recognizes the strength of her experiences as she tackles educational inequity. Arielle also talks about how the cultural challenges of being a Latina who doesn’t speak Spanish really means and how, together, we can battle these outdated stereotypes.


To hear this episode click "listen now".

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Carolina Calderon - Season 1 Episode 7

Carolina Calderón is a Latina who 10 years ago left her native Costa Rica to come and live in the U.S. with her family.  She, like many other fellow immigrant women, had to learn how to adapt to a new country, a new language, and a new culture.


She has adapted to her new home in Chattanooga and has been involved in several community projects. She recently joined the Board of A Step Ahead Chattanooga and the American Red Cross, and can’t wait for the next challenge where she can continue helping and supporting her community at the same time sharing the love for her Latino culture.

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Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez - Season 1 Episode 6
Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez founded Beyond Engagement, a Social Media Solutions company in the Johnson City area in January 2012 a year after relocating from Miami, FL and she has not slowed down since. She has a passion for assisting small businesses in growing their engagement online using social media marketing strategies.

Beyond Engagement on Facebook

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Jessica Oliva-Calderin - Season 1 Episode 5
Jessica Oliva-Calderin is doing amazing work locally and nationally as an attorney and a role model. She has represented numerous individuals in visa matters, adjustment of status, naturalization, and litigated disputes involving removal matters all over the country. She also became the first Latina to be named president of the Chattanooga International Business Council in 2018.

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Vivian Barrera - Season 1 Episode 4
A native of Guatemala she launched her financial services business with her sister in Chattanooga. Calling Chattanooga home for 25 years, you could say Vivian is a pioneer for the Latino community. Raised by an immigrant family with deep entrepreneurial roots, where money was always dinner conversation, Vivian provides a plethora of information for small business owners who are looking for local and government grants. 

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Jaime Dixon Kerns - Season 1 Episode 3
Let's talk about education, traveling, and the Spanish language. Jocelyn talks to Jaime who isn't only an ESL teacher, she also founded Charlanooga, a group where adults gather and talk in Spanish only. And she is quick to provide a plethora of resources for parents with school-aged children.

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Josselyn Aguilera Nielsen - Season 1 Episode 2
Josselyn knows how to agitate for change. Her journey would make an awesome movie. From humble beginnings in Honduras to serving the United States Navy to traveling the world. She never stopped innovating. Today she is at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and will be starting her own clothing line with a purpose.

"...when you walk into the room you want your smarts to be the focus of their attention."

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Francia Portacio - Season 1 Episode 1

In this interview series, the host and founder of Latina Professionals chat with remarkable Latinas about their accomplishments, how they are coping with staying at home due to COVID-19, what projects they are working on, and everything in between. Francia Portacio tells Jocelyn about her experience moving from Colombia to the United States. We spoke to Francia Portacio on Monday, April 20th, and our first conversation on our Amiga Circle.

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